Lock pan in a direction?

Hi all,

Basic question but can’t seem te find the answer…
Is there a way to lock your moving with pan to a direction? (moving the viewpoint not the object)
For example, i have a view (parallel projection) and i just want to move the left or right without moving up or down. (so the bottom of my model stays on the same height in my viewpoint.
A bit like scrolling horizontally in 2d drawing programs.
It seems like a basic function but can’t find a way to do this.


there’s no way to do that natively.
However, you can use camera tools by thomthom, by editing the coordinates through camera menu > advanced.
coordinates would be on the first line

Or with advanced camera tools, by creating a camera and then adjusting its position with arrows while pressing shift to enter the truck mode

Hi Paul,

Thanks! I will try the camera tools.