Pan SketchUp Pro 2023

Hey Everyone, I just moved up to SketchUpPro 23 on a desktop (windows) and am really confused about what has happened to the Pan tool in this new release. Mine seems to only pan vertically and horizontally. I can’t find a way to pan about the model freely like you could in previous versions. Is there a way to unlock this? thanks

I think you’re doing something incorrectly. Pan works the same as it always has in SketchUp. Can you show us a screenshot GIF or what you are seeing?

Here’s what I see when panning in SketchUp.

My pan symbol has the same horizontal arrow as yours, but is stuck on axis and either goes up or down, not freely around, if that makes sense. So you can pan way more loosely and freely.

Show a screen shot of the entire SketchUp model screen.

Uuugh…sorry. For some reason my screenshot is not working.

Are you try to pan a component that is glued to a face?

If you think it is the case, right click on the component and choose Unglue in the pop-up menu.

Thanks. But no the drawing doesn’t have any components. Trying to move around the file is really jerky and I think I have accidently got something turned on that clips across to axis/set units…and I don’t know how to turn it off.

Can you share your file?

Make sure the camera is set to Perspective. Draw a cube with a corner at the origin so you have some for the Camera to pan and orbit around. Does that help?

Yay. That fixed it. Thanks so much. I knew it was something really simple I was missing. Thanks Dave.

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Pan is supposed to do that. The Orbit tool is for turning around.