Can not pan, turn or rotate view, locked into forward and backward only

I had been able to move around my model with no problem. Now I am locked into just forward and backward. Did I do something to disable the panning and rotation? Is it even possible to turn those movements off. That could come in handy sometime.

Forward and backward? Do you mean Zoom?

How are you trying to pan and orbit? By center mouse button? Or by the tools from the Camera toolbar or what? Do you have one of the Walkthrough tools selected?

I’m not sure precisely what you are doing, so I’ll ramble a bit and maybe hit on something useful…

There are three separate tools in SketchUp to manipulate the view: zoom (what I assume you mean by “forward and backward”), pan (side to side), and orbit. You can select these tools explicitly from a toolbar (or using a shortcut), in which case they stay active until you select another tool. Does that not work for you?

Or, if you have a three-button mouse, you can press the center button and drag the mouse for orbit or press the center button while holding shift and drag to pan. Is that what is not working? This typically means an issue with the mouse, either a driver setting or a defective center button.

Did you perhaps hit z on your Keyboard which would put you in zoom mode.

Yes, I can only zoom. I have always used my three button mouse to move around but today it is stuck in just zoom. Hitting the z on the keyboard did not fix the issue. It changed the arrow into the magnify glass.

New development. I can manually turn on pan and orbit and use the left button on my mouse to move around. So it something with my mouse. For some reason it has stopped recognizing the center and right button.

Sounds like you mouse might be broken or the mouse driver needs updating or rolling back.
Did you update anything or install any new software around the time it stopped working.
Have you checked the mouse software to make sure the wheel is set to middle mouse click.

I haven’t updated anything. It actually started in the middle of project. Everything was working fine and then it stopped. Freaked me out because I have a deadline today I need to meet.

There are the usual first steps. Save and restart Sketchup. Reboot the computer. Try a different mouse.

Yeah, I did all those and even changed the battery in the mouse. It is a real pain because I can’t pan when I am drawing a line now. I can only do one at time. Thank you for the quick responses.

Maybe this will help figure out what is happening. It use to be when I pressed the shift key the orbit tool activated. Now when I press the shift key and plus and minus sign appear. Any ideas?

It sounds like a button assignment has changed in the mouse driver. The normal way it works with SketchUp is press the CMB to get Orbit or CMB with Shift to get Pan.

Same here. Hadn’t used Sketchup for a couple months. Now no orbit or pan using the same mouse, laptop, OS, and Sketchup. Scroll wheel zooms and right click brings up context menu normally, Mouse buttons work normal in other apps. Appears to be an issue only in Sketchup.

Anyone ever find a fix for this?

In other cases this was due to incorrect center button assignment in the mouse settings. Have you checked that you have the correct settings? What kind of mouse?

Out of curiosity, did you install SketchUp correctly by right clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing Run as administrator.