Problem: Rotation & move function with the mouse


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I am a new sketchup user and have the following problem. I am using a Surface Pro 5 with Tastaur and Microsoft mouse. Now I wanted to use the rotation & hand mode in fast mode (CTRL key and mouse movement). Unfortunately these functions don’t work as described in the videos. What might be the reason? Any advice?

Would help me a lot and thank me already in advance


I assume you mean Orbit and Pan?

Do you have a standard 3-button mouse?


thanks for your feedback. I think yes, is a touch mouse left, right click and scrolling works otherwise also. I also have the touchpad itself on the keyboard, where it doesn’t work either.


The easiest thing would be use a standard 3-button mouse (left, right, center under the wheel) and press the center mouse button for Orbit, Center mouse button and Shift for Pan. That’s the way SketchUp was designed to be used.


The mouse is it


It seems that the CTRL key does not jump to it. I know the mouse isn’t optimal, but should it work?


If you are selecting Orbit from the toolbar or by keyboard shortcut, left click to orbit, hold Shift, not Ctrl to Pan. Ctrl suspends gravity. It does not activate Pan.


Probably it’ll work after a fashion. Personally I think you’ll be working harder than you need to.

You could get yourself an inexpensive proper mouse and use that at least for SketchUp. One of the benefits of using a mouse in the way SketchUp intended it is that you don’t have to drop the tool you’re using to navigate in the model. When you let go of the center mouse button you return to whatever tool you were using previously.


Okay, now I get that with the shift key. But this only works if I click on the rotation symbol. Isn’t there a way to make it more comfortable to work? So that I just press the shift key and I can let it rotate?



Yes. The easier way is as I described above.


I agree with @DaveR. Unless you just like messing around with unique hardware such as this, you can easily waste more valuable time than the cost of an ordinary 3-button mouse!

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Okay, thanks for your feedback. So it’s my mouse? If you want it to go faster then I have to invest, right? Another question, if I work with the touchpad, is there a way to do that?


You can work with a touchpad but that’s going to be similar to that mouse you’ve got now. Just get a basic Logitech wireless mouse. I use an M510 on my main machine and an M325 with my laptop.

Looks like a M510 can be had for less that 22 Euro.


Okay, thanks for the tips. Then I will try it like this and if it gets too stupid for me to invest :).

Thanks to all of you who helped me a lot and solved the question


Does your time have any value?


No, I want to design something private. And that unique. I just take a look


So if your personal time has no value, then struggling with the touchpad is probably no big deal. Even for my personal projects modeled in SketchUp, I want to get them done as efficiently as possible so I can get to making the thing for real or go do something else.


You might have to install the Mouse and Keyboard Center or if you already have that, go through your settings and enable the middle button functionality.


Hello & thanks again. I now have a 3 button mouse (still found) will use this one

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