Pan feature change?

When using the Pan option, what I used to be able to do was use it to circle around the back side of something I’m building. Now, when I do those same actions, it turns the object upside down, like the way a click hand goes around the clock. I can see the face of the object, and it’s just going around, whereas I used to be able to swipe to the side and it would take me to the back side of the thing I’m building. Did something change? Was there a setting or feature that was messed with?

Pan has always translated the camera. Orbit allows you to move the camera around the model as if you are walking or flying around it.

What you describe makes it sound as if you’ve modeled with the wrong axis up. Maybe with it laying on its back Make sure the solid blue axis is pointing up and your model is oriented accordingly.

Share the .skp file if you want so we can see what you’ve got.

Check bottom left of the screen for the mouse/tablet icon. Changing that alters navigation.

I’m pretty new to SketchUp, so forgive me…but yes, that was the problem. I have the Green Axis as up, and realize now how I did that.

And yes, you’re right also, it was orbit that I was talking about. I guess in my head it was “panning” around the object, but orbiting works too.

Really appreciate you taking the time to respond to some newb.

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No need to apologize. That’s what we’re here for.

It’s not a terribly uncommon thing for new users. some of the templates provide a ground and sky color to help prevent that but if you choose a template with a plain background and get started in the wrong orientation, you can wind up with that problem. I bet you won’t do it again, though. :wink:

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