Orbit not working on all axis

I have one drawing that is not orbiting on all axis. I can use ctrl to make it happen but then it reverts as soon as i try to get another view. what did i do to make this happen and how do i fix it

I’ll bet my lunch you didn’t draw it with the real blue axis up. How about sharing the SKP so we can see it?

I think that is what I did to can it be fixed

I have up/down and roll no left/right

I’m sure it can be fixed by rotating the entire model with the Rotate or Move tool. Share the SKP file and we can show you.

how do I share it

Upload it by clicking on the Upload button, seventh from the left in the row of buttons above the new message window.

smoker4.skp (41.5 KB)

So you’ve changed the axis orientation at some point in the modeling process. You can easily identify that by right clicking on the origin. Reset is shown in black meaning the axes can be reset.

After resetting the axes, it looks like this:

I don’t know what you want up or what is the front so I haven’t rotated the model.

the front is the side with the circle and the domes go on top

Like this?

smoker4.skp (41.4 KB)

perfect I tried to do that it would still not rotate do you know what i was doing wrong

No. I don’t know exactly what you were doing so I can’t say what you were doing wrong. I used two rotation steps to get the orientation as shown in my last screen shot. First, I rotated the model about the center of the circle on the cylinder and then I rotated the model around the blue axis to get the long sides of the domes parallel to the red axis.

By the way, if you want the standard views to be useful, you should arrange your model so the front is parallel to the red axis and so it extends back in the direction of the solid green axis.

after seeing how you did that for me I was able to get it right

but was the problem all along that for some reason i started the drawing on the wrong side of the red axis and that i can;t rotate outside of those constraints Maybe ?

No. I think the main problem is you changed the orientation of the axes. don’t do that and you’ll prevent the problems you had.

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ok enough said Thanks again