Orbiting is strange

When choosing front view I se the bottom of my model. This makes orbiting wierd.
How can I fix so front veiw shows the front of my model?

You should probably draw your model so the front side is toward the camera with the Front view selected.

It could be you just drew the model with the wrong orientation. If you share the SketchUp file, we can tell for certain. The default arrangement for the axes is with the solid red running left to right across the screen and the solid green running back into the distance with the front view. If you’ve changed the axis orientation, this will cause you issues. Right click on the origin. If Reset is shown as black, click on it. You’ll want to rotate the model to adjust it for the proper alignment after that.


Thank you Dave!
I did draw with the wrong orientation. I’ve tried changing the orientation of the axis, doesn´t help.
If I rotate model, all the guide lines doesnt follow. Do I really hve to do the model from scratch again

Don’t change the axes to match the model. That won’t fix it. You need to rotate the model to match the default axis alignment.

Changing the axes does not change which way is up or where the ground plane is.

So I have to accept that I lose my guidelines?

You can rotate the guidelines with the model.

Use Ctrl+A to select everything. Then rotate it all with the Rotate tool to the correct orientation.

Done! Thank you very much DavidR!

You’re welcome. Maybe you can mark this thread solved so others can tell.