I have to adjust my views manually, for eg, if i click on top view its showing me differnt view and i have to adjust it manually with orbit

Some issue with views

has your axis been rotated?

Right click on the axis and select reset, if that doesn’t fix it, can you share your file so we can check what’s going on?

Thanks for reply but i don’t have any idea…

Thanks for reply, I reset it now its again showing the different views, I guess i have made it on wrong axes and now i have to adjust its view accordingly. i have no clue how it happened but my orbit tool is also not working properly.

Share your model, might be an easy fix

I’m going to guess that you have created your model without understanding that the Blue axis is Up. Without a horizon some people model along the wrong axis which in turn makes Orbit appear not to work correctly, and naturally the standard views would be wrong.

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Thanks for reply, It could be but I never happened with me earlier and strange thing is that i am facing this problem in 2 different designs in different files. Is there any shortcut to switch the axis.

There is no point any of us guessing further, you haven’t even given us an image let alone the model to look at.
Please, as asked already, attach your model so we have a chance to give you a proper answer.

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My guess is you started from the same wrong file / a self made wrongly oriented template.
@Box his answers were spot on : … share the model file ot at least some screenshot(s).