Orbit doesn´t work like it used to


In an earlier version of sketchUp I found Orbit very useful to be able se my creations from any angle.
Now I think my object moves around in an erratic way. When i think is going to turn arond the green axis it turns arond the blue, I can´t figure out how to use Orbit. Is there a way to set how Orbit works?
Please help


Have you orientated your model correctly? Solid blue up, solid red to the right and solid green going away from you into the distance.


Orbit hasn’t changed. It could be that the axes in your model have been repositioned from their default orientation or the model isn’t oriented correctly with the axes. Perhaps you could upload a model that demonstrates what you are seeing.

Box is faster.


Thank you guys!
I had my orientation mixed up.


Which orientation? The model’s or the axes?


I created my model with the green axes up, without knowing it made a difference.


Ah, yes. It does make a difference indeed!


It can be helpful if you use a template with the person in it. It gives you a better handle on orientation and, probably as important, scale.
So many people draw random shapes in a template with no point of reference and wonder how they managed to make a peanut the size of the moon or vice versa.