Model disappeared, cant move from origin point or do any creating

i was panning to build a component and move it into place and changing my orientation with the orbit tool, next thing I know I’m on the center of the canvas cannot pan from there can orbit, zoon with mouse wheel barely works need to adjust FoV in menus. there is nothing in the map anywhere. I also cannot draw anything, if I use the rectangle or circle tools i get the default size and cant scale them at all. I’m new to sketch up and have put a lot of time into this project and don’t want to start over and have to re-find angles etc.

Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got going on. Probably an easy fix but we need to see what you have.

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desk.skp (247.1 KB)

i dont even know how i managed to get locked on the x,y,z origin point of the canvas, i cant do anything at all.

You managed to set the angle of view extremely wide and you got the camera positioned a long way from the model.

desk.skp (212.6 KB)

BTW, you have a load of reversed faces. You should fix those so you only have white front faces exposed.

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What steps do i need to take to get back to it, i cant leave the center point of the canvas

I gave you the fixed model. I used a utility to fix the camera location but that’s not something that works in the web version.

ahh ok thank you!
i was going insane i can pan at all im just locked lol

how do i open it?

i think i figured it out

Did you for sure?

yes, i had to go deeper into the open options but i found it

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