Pan tool non-functional in my Sketchup Pro 2023

My annual subscription for Sketchup Pro 2021 came due, so I dutifully paid my annual fee, and received a download for Sketchup Pro 2023. Unfortunately, no model now created in V2023 has a functional pan tool. The icon is simply dead. Also dead for any V2021 model imported into V2023. If I open and create/edit models in V2021, all works fine. My computer did not change between versions, so how come V2023 is busted???

What are you talking about? H is the shortcut for the panning tool. Also clicking with the middle button while holding shift will change from orbit to pan.

I think I recall there is an issue where the Pan toolbar button may be non-functional in v23 on some toolbars.

Although, I’m on Win 10 and they all seem to work fine for me.

Are you still on Win 7 ? (SketchUp removed support for Win7 & Win8 with the 2021 release.)

In my installation of Sketchup PRO 2023, the “H” shortcut button does NOT activate the pan function. The model will not pan. Ditto changing from orbit to pan. Nor does the pan icon on the large toolbar function. In short, I can find no method of activating this function from within PRO 2023.
I suspect I’m either dealing with an issue within my computer, or an internal flaw within the upgrade to PRO 2023. And having trouble separating the two issues.
Given I’m running a several-year-old Dell PC running Win7, I am leaning towards the former. Unfortunately, lots of $$ required for a hardware upgrade to find out.

Hi Dan. OK, thanks for the hint. Yup, I’m running Win7, on an old Dell PC. I suspect I’ll have to bite the bullet and upgrade my PC to stay current with Sketchup. Just bring money! Tough to do for us old codgers on fixed incomes. Danger, danger, rant following! This issue confirms my notion of built-in obsolescence inbread in EVERY tech industry, particularly when management affirms change for change’s sake. And beancounters that slash QA at the drop of a hat.

This is a topic better for the Corner Bar category.

However, SketchUp supported Win 7 since probably late v7 and definitely v8 releases. Windows 7 was released in October 2009. This was 13 and a half years ago! SketchUp supported Windows 7 (which means testing every SketchUp release on multiple hardware configurations,) for at least 10 years up through the 2020 release. Only this past year did technical support end for the v2020 release as they support the latest 3 versions.

Go to SketchUp’s About dialog and click on the link for the Open Source credits. You will see a list of all the external library code projects that SketchUp relies upon. It is impossible to support SketchUp indefinitely through all the changes in these library updates as well as the changes in fundamental OS and graphics libraries.

Although I myself was very fond of Windows 7 and even more so the XP interface, the tech world moves on. Not necessarily to better things but faster and bigger things. Often in software engineering, having a codebase that supports both the old stuff and the new stuff makes support and code maintenance overly complex, which translates to more costly.

Yes, I had to do this twice. Going from XP to WIn 7, and then from Win 7 to Win 10. Basically it was the graphics GPU that I had to update so SketchUp would still run.

From what I read in the news, PCs are in a sales slump currently, so this may be the time to buy. Make sure you get a machine with a discrete GPU, not a cheap student notebook with integrated graphics that steals system memory.

I’ll add that the last major version of Win7 was in 2011. Trimble bought SU a couple month before Win8 release - and launched SU13 the next year. yet they maintained its compatibility with Win7 for 9 more years.

Microsoft support ended in jan 2020, and for the pros in jan 2023.

You’re running SU23 on an old machine, an obsolete os (not even supported by microsoft) 3 years after compatibility was lifted and the only problem you get is the Pan not working anymore ? man that software is sturdy.

My advice is to try SU2022 before biting the bullet. This year they changed the graphical framework, and it has been… troublesome. If SU23 is running fine (Pan aside), 2022 should as well, and if the Pan issue comes from the updates, you should be fine.

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FYI: It’s always a good idea to check system requirements (for changes) and read release notes before upgrading:

Did you change the shortcuts? You may have used the H assigning it to another tool, go to preferences and assign it again or any other key you want.