How do I lock in top view for SketchUp for Web

How do I lock in top view for SketchUp for Web?

The method is similar to the desktop version: No way.
SketchUp is a 3D app.

Best is to select the Top view and then leave Orbit alone. Or, if you are only going to do 2D drawing, use a 2D drawing application instead of a 3D modeler.

There is a way to do this in the desktop version. I used this frequently when I had Pro. I am trying to see if I can do everything I need to do to make floor plans with the free or Shop version and this is key.

To do this in desktop version: Set the Standard view to Top and the camera to Parallel Projection.

You can do the exact same thing in shop or free. @dezmo 's point is that there is no way to “lock” it in plane, if you orbit the camera will move out of plane

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I don’t see the “lock” in this method.

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You can do exactly the same thing in the web versions but you still need to stay away from the Orbit tool since there is no other way to prevent leaving that Top view.

If you are doing this as a hobby the free version will work for you. If you are doing it for your work, you’d need Shop. The settings are the same, though. If you are doing this for your work, you would probably want the desktop version so you have access to LayOut, too.

Gotcha, sorry I am a relatively new user :flushed:

I just want it so that when I pan with the hand tool it stays in 2D.

This is just a hobby as I am renovating my house. I took a couple courses and used it for the last project and it worked great.

Confusion is understandable, the interface for the free and shop versions is very different from pro, but most of the tools are there. Camera controls are in the Scenes tab. Use the center mouse button with shift to pan in plane.

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Thank you! yes I was using the "perspective’ not ‘parallel projection’ tools.

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