Locking Top Plane View

Is it possible to lock the top view (or any other view for that matter) in Sketchup in order to work on that plane until ready to move on to the 3d view?

I think… >Camera >Standard Views >Top. . . (or other orientation), should do it. There are default keyboard shortcuts already set for these which are probably my most used kb shortcuts in all of SU.

Another nice orientation tool is to select a face (… the face only, without any edges), and then choose ‘Align View’ from the right click context menu. This one’s great for squaring up to any other direction which a face might be set to.

Both of these options keep you aligned to the plane, and you have to purposefully use the orbit tool to break out of that orientation. They don’t however restrict the ability to zoom in/out… which might be part of what you’re referring to as locked—so I’m not sure if you’re still looking for something even more restricting than what these options provide for.

That’s right, as long as you don’t use ‘Orbit’ in any way, the camera should keep its direction towards your model, whatever direction that might be.
You can save scenes to return instantly to specific views that you wish to work with. These scenes need to include saving the camera position.

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