Locking Views - Plan, Front, Left, Right etc

How can you lock a view such as front, or plan views where as the orbiting is not active. Is there a way to toggel it on and off.

No. there’s no way to lock out Orbit. Leave your finger off the center mouse button.

Yes, you can do that, but are you successful at doing that, its very frustrating.

It’s a training issue. I had problems the first time I tried it but I taught myself to leave the center button alone when I don’t want to orbit.

When you have a view that is “just right”, save it as a scene. Then it is easy to come back to it later and you don’t have to worry about orbiting.


All these options are logical choices when there isn’t a key that can turn or off to lock a view, I guess my real question should have been, is there a plug in that does it?

There isn’t a plugin to do that. I’m not even sure a plugin could be written to do that. SketchUp is designed to be a 3D modeling application, not a 2D drawing program.

I would guess that a plugin to disable orbiting would break the rules, as it would probably involve re-writing the Orbit command to do nothing.

Another workaround would be to go to your mouse control panel and set the scroll wheel button to do something else than the “middle button” or “button 3” command that the Orbit/Pan option uses. After that orbiting and panning would only be possible from toolbar buttons.


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Well maybe I’m doing something wrong.
Many times after I complete a model, I need to dimension it and would like to lock a view in place to do this. Should I not dimension in SU?

You can add dimensions in SketchUp. I think it’s easier to do that in Perspective view so you can more easily see the points you’re dimensioning between.

When I create plan documents, though, I almost never use dimensions in SketchUp. All dimensions are inserted in LayOut instead. There’s much better control over their appearance and positioning and options to control things like extension line offsets, arrowhead size and so on.

I’m new to SU, so I haven’t done much with LayOut,
So this may be a silly question. When in LayOut do you double click on the scene to get into SU to dimension, or do you dimension in LayOut on to the image…

No. In fact, don’t double click on the viewport in LayOut. It will disconnect the viewport from the scene in SketchUp. After creating the viewport in LO from the scene in SketchUp, use LayOut’s dimension tool to add dimensions.

Thanks DaveR

You’re welcome. I sent you a private message.

[quote=“Anssi, post:5, topic:32631”]
When you have a view that is “just right”, save it as a scene. Then it is easy to come back to it later and you don’t have to worry about orbiting.
[/quote] @Ansii has already explained how to use the orbit tool freely, whilst also remembering any orthogonal views you wish as scene-tabs.
So set up these scene-tabs so you can [re]activate them later as desired…