Locking in top view


Is there a way to lock in top view to make it easier to layout orthogonal plan views


Set the Standard view to Top and the camera to Parallel Projection. Then just stay off the center mouse button so you don’t orbit the camera.


And set is as a scene so you can return to it with one click.


Yes, know this. I just thought there might be a way to lock it so one does
not inadvertently nudge the center wheel


Yeah. No. Unfortunately there isn’t a lock.

Frankly, I find it much easier just to work in perspective view and orbiting as needed even for drawing a plan view. But that’s just the way I like to work.


I don’t mind working that way for designing but for laying out as-built
conditions this would be a nice feature.
Oh well. Probably would have been an easy one for them to incorporate.


you can disable the middle mouse button and orbit using a shortcut key and esc to return to previous tool…

I do that on my mac all the time by using to a mouse with a broken middle button…



I quite agree.

Conceptually, it seems to me very much like preparing a plan view on a sheet of vellum, seated on a stool at an old-time drafting table. Even though the draftsman in this scenario (say, you) is viewing the surface of his table from a perspective view, he still has no trouble working on the orthographic views on the sheet of vellum. The top of the view is still the top no matter which way you look at it, and the T-square and triangles enforce their order on the 2D view even as you control them from your 3D vantage.