Where are the Views?

Is there a way to lock the view so it doesnt orbit (without using the pan / zoom buttons). I’d be ok to just use the pan tool, although when using two fingers zoom in and out it will orbit a bit and you are no longer in the exact top view, then there is no way to go back to the top view because the feature is lacking.

Using the pan and zoom buttons is tedious. It takes a bit of training to not use pinch zoom accidentally. And if you do this then you’d need to close without saving, open again so back in top view and try to remember not to pinch zoom.

Where do we add feature requests for this software?

I am going to say that there isn’t a way because the program is meant to be 3D. If you were on a desktop you would simply avoid the orbit tool, but on iPad that is a bit more difficult. I have actually made it a habit to hold my two fingers together so that they don’t pinch.

In regard to the title “where are the views” I’m sure you know, but they’re in the right menu under scenes, sub-menu “standard views”

You could leave this menu open for fast clicking to return to plan view (or any other) without too much kerfuffle :smiley: and if you get too far away and just need to get the (entire) model re-centered in the screen, just a quick pinch, and then tap the view you want and it will center that.

Oh goodness. I didnt see that the standard views are in the scene menu. Lovely! This would have saved me a bit of hassle on my last trip. That does make it much easier.

With this available I can use the pinch zoom and just push top view afterward. Thanks for the tip! :laughing:

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