Camera views

Hi. I can’t find a way to change camera views in SketchUp for iPad (Parallel - Perspective). Is there any?

Open the scènes tab

The camera controls perspective/parallel and two-point perspective.
Beneath that are the standard views.

As real estate is limited, it would be nice to have a collapsed version available as well. This is covering ~¼ of the screen on an 11” Pro.

Maybe atop?

Thanks @HollandJim for the feedback? What would you want/need a more minimal version of the panel to do? What functionality would it need to include?

True, Pro has that row of scenes across the top of the window that don’t take up too much real estate, though we’ve long felt even that needs better management tools.

What would you want/need a more minimal version of the panel to do? What functionality would it need to include?

Yes, a scrollable tab list at the top to mimic the desktop version would be good. Previous/next scene buttons to the left of that list would also be handy, as well as a :arrow_down_small: button to the right as a menu of all scenes.

Ideally that tab list could be minimized to just previous, next, and the menu if we want to dock other things such as measurments to the top.

taking notes…
what else?

How about some compact VCR like control for scenes+animation (which are related) with Play/Pause/Stop, and Next and Previous. Right now you hit play and have to close the slide out panel and let it run, then slide it back out to stop it. That starts to tie into some of the discussions of using iPad in some kind of presentation mode where the bulk of the interface gets out of the way.

I think I have made a mockup in the past of where I’d cut some of the wasted space in panels. It’s here in the beta somewhere.

I’ve got a pro and feel the problem too. I suspect in a 11 screen it’s much worse

I was thinking that shifting views has a higher priority than specific scenes, so I’d add the view camera view buttons out of the scenes panel into their own menu like this:

It offers enough space and position to have immediate access, but not obscure a great portion of the active area. I would still include the camera views in the Scenes panel - the added functionality in there probably helps, but I’m not that advanced to know yet (they could be condensed into a grid like the … on the tool menu)

You could always let it be a user option if they want to not see any particular menu, or make a preference option that allows any menu to snap to a specific position (menus vs the panel that flies out). That might even be a nice option for lefties…but this is now a becoming a wish list.