Camera Views & Parallel Projection

Good morning,

Could someone assist me in understanding why my view of my model in sketchup keeps blasting out of the screen view when I click on one of the ‘Camera - standard view’ functions while in ‘Parallel Projection’ mode?

edit : no, I had doubts about my explanation so I tried, no, it should be a bit centred.

could you record your screen maybe to show us the trouble ?

What do you mean? Can you share the file?

Is it possible you have something located at a huge distance from the rest of the model?

I have this problem when I switch between Parallel and Perspective views. Unfortunately, the only solution I can find is to use Zoom Extents when you change over. It must be something in how the camera interprets the 3D dimensional space.

While you are working in parallel projection, it is easy to get the camera farther away or closer to the model contents than you realize because camera distance does not affect the size of the model in the view. If you then change to perspective, that distant (or too near) camera will make the model seem to jump away from or toward you. As pointed out, zoom extents or zoom selection ini perspective projection can set things right again, as they tell SketchUp to reposition the camera.

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What happens if you hit Zoom Extents?

Where is the model relative to the axes?

Hi Dave, I changed the axis for this scene to be attached to the item in the screen.
But there is a large high rise ‘turned off’ in the Outliner for this particular scene. So maybe it’s zooming out based on the actual size of this model?

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Zoom extents does work to get the desired view back. However it would be nice if we could create the one scene in parallel projection, front view, for example, and then just change the camera standard view function to see the front, left, right views as needed without it zooming way out of view and then having to find where it is - thereby only needing to create one scene for that particular piece of geometry (like the kitchen portion of the entire model in this screen recording)

This works for me. I use it regularly for creating elevation scenes in SketchUp.

Yes, that is the goal. However, as you can see in my screen recording above, when I toggle between left, right, etc same as you’re doing in your screen recording example…my cabinets unit blasts out of the hemisphere and I have to go find it.
As we were previously discussing, I think it’s because I have so much more to my model than one small cabinet. Instead, I have a whole high rise building with separate units. One of the units has the cabinetry modelled inside it. The other units are empty shells to keep the file smaller. So in my scene, I have everything else turned off except for the kitchen cabinets.