Changing from paralell projection to Perspective program freezes, any solution?


My Son got to the project i was working on, and changed the camera setting from “perspective” to “paralell projection”. Now my project is about 50*50 meters but as soon as i change back to “perspective” it becomes a small dot on the working area and as soon as i start to zoom in the program crashes and i have to forcefully shut it down. The autosave is saved after the chage was made som no luck there, as i was working with the modell a bit before i recognized the wierd angles.

please do anyone have a solution for this? i have a backup file but that is like 50 workhours down the drain!

Best regards Robin


The change from parallel to perspective often causes the camera to back far away from the model (or maybe reveals that your parallel projection had it there). This can make it difficult to put the cursor over something while you zoom, and zooming over empty space causes undesired results. Did you try the zoom-extents tool?

As usual, if you can post your model here or somewhere we can download it, one of the gurus may well be able to fix it for you.


Thank you so much my hair were going grey;) but your solution with the zoom tool fixed it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!