Losing focus

Hi I have upgraded to the latest release of Sketchup Pro.

Is anybody else having issues with Sketchup loosing focus? Often when I move to a top view it looses the model and all I am left with on the screen is the axis. I have also had this when editing within the model. It will suddenly loose the model or the component completely? It is the same in parallel or perspective mode.

The last time that it happened I got the dreaded NOT RESPONDING message.

Any ideas ?

Thanks people.

Hard to say what is going on. Can you share a SketchUp model file where you are seeing this? Typically when this sort of thing happens it’s because the user has some tray geometry at a huge distance from the rest of the model and they hit Zoom Extents. That isn’t unique to the latest version, though.

At least show us what you working with so maybe we can duplicate what you are seeing and help you out.

Could also be clipping, though that doesn’t usually lose the entire model. Are the model contents all on a single plane?

The zooming now sets the camera position in parallel mode. So if you’re working in parallel, the camera could be way off.
(This behavior changed with 2020.1)
So the order of setting up the top view becomes more important, best to save a scene for that.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for responding. I have two planes that I work on. One 20m above the other. Everything is set up on Scenes.

Hi It does clip but that is always easy to put right. This is different. It completely looses the model in the space.

Hi Mike,

I work in parallel mode and flip to perspective only for creating images. I hadn’t noticed that they changes the behaviour in 2020.1 so that for that.

FWIW, in SketchUp, it has always been intended that modeling be done with the camera set to Perspective and Parallel Projection used for creating views for output.