Lock move direction on OSX

Hi. New SketchUp user here. I would like to use Shift to lock direction of move but can’t seem to get it to work. Any ideas on what might be wrong? Thanks

  • MacOSX (Mojave)
  • Sketchup Pro desktop

Probably something to do with when you are pressing Shift. You need to start pressing (and holding Shift) after you’ve started the move in the desired direction. You could also use the cursor keys to lock the direction.

Thanks, that may be it. (Cursor keys are not an option for me. Right hand on the trackpad and left hand on the cursor keys would just turn it into Twister.)

You don’t have to hold the cursor keys. Tap and release them. The Shift key you have to hold.

Everything about moving will be virtually nonfunctional with a trackpad. You’ll want to get yourself an external mouse with a wheel fast as you can.

While I agree that without question a mouse is a better choice, I don’t agree that a trackpad is virtually nonfunctional. I use it much of the time on my MacBook Pro. To me the biggest hassle is accessing the orbit and pan tools - which can be done, but awkwardly compared to a mouse. However, locking movement direction is really no different than when using a mouse.

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Every SketchUp user should aspire to one day be so adept at drawing geo that they don’t need to reposition the camera 10 times every step, haha.