Reload/reimport dwg

I am looking to be able to update a dwg file from its latest saved version edited after initially importing into sketch up so that i do not have to move and rotate into the same postion as when it was first imported.

Select all of the originally imported DWG entities and make a component.

Import the new DWG into a new Sketchup session and make it a component. Make sure you have the origins and axis orientations the in the same relative location. Save the new SKP file.

In your original SKP file, use the components window to navigate to the location where you saved the new SKP file. Select the original DWG component, right click on the new one and choose Replace with Selected.

Thanks Dave, Ive done this and used the reload component option in the original but its position changed. If I have to make the origin and orientation the same in the new skp file I might as well just reimport it in the original and move it there. the origin and orientation did not move in the dwg file but I had to move an rotate it relative to my geolocated plan in the original file and this is what i want to have to avoid with every iteration of the dwg file that is coming from an in progress Revit model.

The position would only change is the origin and axis orientation between components is different. Or did you move the model axes after you imported and made the first DWG a component?

The imported dwg became a component by default after importing, and yes I then moved and rotated it to align with the geolocated GE satelite image.
Not a big deal, moving and rotating it is not difficult, I was just hoping to avoid it with each new iteration.

You can adjust the axes and origin to suit and align with the model axes as desired. You can do that with the new DWG, to, if needed. You don’t need to rotate the new DWG after importing it. Just change the component axis orientation instead.

Short of using components as I’ve described, the other option is to do what you said you were trying to avoid.

SketchUp either puts the left bottom corner of the imported geometry at the model origin, or, if you check the “Preserve model origin” box in the import options, aligns the origin of the imported file to the model origin. The latter way is what you have to use if you want to import new versions of the same file, with changed extents, into SketchUp, but it only works if the geometry to be imported lies near the origin.


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