Importing DWG files-Can changes made in the original file reflect on the drawing imported into Sketchup?


I am new to Sketchup. So still in the initial learning phase.
I wanted to know, when I import a .dwg file, start working on it in Sketchup, and after doing so, I realize I have to make some changes in the original, will those changes reflect automatically on the Sketchup?
I have been using Adobe softwares, and the files on photoshop/Illustrator etc. are quite dynamic that way, so was wondering if the same happens here?
Waiting for a response from the experts.
Thanks a million!


In the right-click menu (when clicking on a component), there’s a “reload” button. It updates the component, but unfortunately it only works with .skp (SketchUp) files. Maybe there’s a way, but that’s the closest thing I could think of. But the “reload” button is awesome if you do all your 3D modeling in SketchUp.


XRef Manager plugin for SketchUp, by TIG