DWG - Mac Import Issue


Colleagues work with AutoCAD designing products for our company. I purchased a license for SketchUp to view/make minor adjustments to the DWG files they produce (I’m no means a designer).

No matter what options I select every time I import a DWG file SketchUp appears to “flatten” the DWG not allowing me to select specific elements, every time I try to select the entire design is hi-lighted.

Am I missing something?


Post the Sketchup file here for an evaluation.

Are you familiar with how Sketchup selections works? Do you understand groups, components, and tags?

Hi Riley.

Not really, but think I have stumbled upon what it is I was trying to do. Will read up on selection, but it appears that double clicking allows me to erase/move components I needed to manipulate.

When you import a DWG, the result is a component. To edit it you have to either explode it or open it for editing.


Thank you!