Importing CAD drawings to Sketchup, that updates automatically?

Hi all, So I am searching for an extension/tool that allows the imported CAD drawings, into Sketchup, to be updated if the CAD drawings are changed?? Sort of like the link between Sketchup and Layout and Sketchup to Lumion.

I have to import and draw 115 different villa types and would hate to have to re-draw every time there is a change, especially as I am rendering these out… any thoughts??

Much appreciated. Steve.

I’ve never seen any way to dynamically link CAD files to SketchUp. Are these 3D CAD files? What sort of detail? How much detail do you need to add in SketchUp after the file is imported?

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Hi Dave,
Sorry it’s SKP 2018 Pro, and just standard Autocad 2D floor plans and furniture layouts. Graphics card is Nvidia 1080, Lumion 8.3 Pro. Hope this helps?

I don’t think you’ll find any way to automatically create 3D SketchUp models from 2D CAD files. If you’re going to have to deal with that many models and they can all change, you might want to consider hiring some help.

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