Importing from AutoCAD

I was unable to import CAD files created in AutoCAD 2019. I had to go back to my old 2014 AutoCAD. Is this a setting in either AutoCAD, SketchUp or both, or is Sketchup 2018 simply unable to read 2019 AutoCAD files?

That is the case. The 2019 version of AutoCad came out AFTER SketchUp 2018, so SketchUp does not know how to read those newer files. I forget, does AutoCad have the ability to back-save?

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Yes, and that does work.

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Huh pretty sure AutoCAD 2018 and 2019 share the same file format. A guy in our office still has '18 and he can open our '19 dwgs. Didn’t SU 2018 come out after AutoCAD 2018? Acad 2013 - 2017 share the file formats btw.

I’m trying to import my dwg into SketchUp2017 and SketchUp says it’s imported, but I can’t see it anywhere. Is there a zoom extents feature in SketchUp somewhere? I’m importing a TIN surface into SketchUp to create a model.

Shift + Z

Ctrl+Shift+E works for me.

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Zoom Extends Shortcuts:

Unless reassigned, Shift+Z is agnostic, eg. standard in the two platforms (Windows and Mac)

Xtra assigned shortcuts:

Windows: Ctrl+Shift+E (Can be removed/reassigned)
Mac: cmd+[ (Cannot be reassigned)

Thanks everyone! The issue was I had too much other information in my exported TIN file.

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Hmm, that’s what it was when I started using SU back in r 3 and I don’t recall ever changing it. Shift-E does nothing on my end.

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Auch! should be Shift + Z. I will edit my post!

lol well that makes a difference :wink: