Re-import SketchUp file from Revit to same geo location

This is a bit of a convoluted process, please bear with me… I use sketchup to get my architectural models into google earth. My process works ok one time but as soon as I want to update the model to reflect the latest in Revit - I have to relocate the model by hand within sketchup which is time consuming and inaccurate. I use a plug-in to export the model to .skp called simlab SKP exporter which saves the model as an .skp file to my computer. In order to get it in the right location on google earth I first use the geo locate tool then export to .kmz for google earth. I will usually need to adjust the location in sketchup to fine tune the location. Thats all fine until I make a change in Revit and the exporter creates a new .skp file … Now I am having to relocate the project in sketchup… There has to be a better way! Maybe link the exported house model into another sketchup file with the location already set? Then relink when a new .skp is exported? Advice and suggestions please! Thanks.

Use the exported Revit SKP file as a component in another geolocated SKP file that has the terrain.

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