Importing / exporting Revit SketchUp Pro

I have modelled a house in Sketchup. I have sent it off to a structural engineer who has managed to import it into Revit to add his detail. Can I get it back to a sketchup file when he has done his work and then export to Layout to do my own presentation.

I haven’t tried but it looks possible, check this out: How to Export a Revit Model to SketchUp - Dylan Brown Designs
or this:

Just curious did you send .skp file to the engineer?

Yes I did. Thank you for the link.

Following on from that he couldn’t import it as SU 2017 but apparently worked on SU8.

You could save the file in an earlier version of SketchUp yourself :
File>Save as and the choose your version. You could also use File>export>2D model or 3D model and then choose : as .dwg or .dxf file but there are some entities which won’t export. see this reference :

As in the blog post referenced by Filibis, a DWG or DXF exported as a 3D model from Revit can be imported into Sketchup. The blog advises exporting as solids but the polymesh option should work as well (SketchUp will create a surface model from the import anyway).

Another format that works from Revit to SketchUp is IFC.


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Thanks everyone. I will pas this info onto the engineer. It has been very enlightening. I had no idea that this ability to change format had come on so much since I used to to 2D CAD 15 years ago. In those days my tekkies used to tell me that it wasn’t so weasy.

It’s not that rosy today either. It is, though, some years since I last transferred a model from Revit to SketchUp for rendering. The result was awkward to put materials on, as everything was converted to unique components, even identical parts. I’ll have to check if things are improved since.


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