Exporting SU to Revit

I am working in SU2021 and have to export to Revit. What export formats / methods should I be using so that engineers can understand (ie easily import my SketchUp generated model). Do I do this directly from SU or is this done via LO?

You can export the 3D SketchUp Model in various file formats that others can “reuse” in their CAD program. On the help page you will find a complete article that describes the various options.

I often use the IFC export to communicate with other companies and CAD software.
Sometimes in other formats if specifically requested.


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If your requirements need to translate the SketchUp geometry to native Revit elements, you might want to try Helix, which handles bi-directional synchronization between the two platforms: https://www.evolvelab.io/software/helix