HELP ! How do I open a REVIT file in SKETCHUP!?!?! (export/import format)

Hi!! I am working alongside with an architectural technologist, and she wants to be able to send me floor plans or plans done in Revit so that I can do my interior design aspect, add furniture layout, etc, and then render it with Vray! I need help knowing how she needs to export her files (format) and how I need to import her files (format) for it to be compatible and work in Sketchup! Or is this even possible? Please help!!
in Revit she was asked for “geometric data” for her to be able to open my documents, and we can’t figure out how to transfer files going either way

Thank you!!!

Revit can export as DWG and IFC, which SketchUp Pro can import.

Why does your partner need to open you files back in Revit - why not SketchUp viewer?

If this is a common workflow, you may want to take a look at some thing like Helix from EvolveLab.

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Normally we don’t have to send it back to her, but she was moreless thinking if I need to send her a floor plan for her to add things to for permit purposes, as her floor plans are more detailed for permits than what I would do.

Revit can import skp files out of the box.

Yes, but you will probably have to save to an older SketchUp version.
Usefulness of imported SketchUp files in Revit is limited because SketchUp uses face geometry and Revit uses solids. Curved SketchUp forms appear in Revit with all their edges visible with no smoothing.

Is a bim format. Both revit and sketchup support ifc files, which happen to be the BIM Standard.

Hi TheOnlyAaron,
So many BIM files online for architectural products only come in revit for download. Argh!!
I just want to open and view them in SketchUp.
Do you know of a workaround that allows me to convert a revit file into a DWG (or something other that SketchUp can import) without having any of that software?
Thanks so much for your help :slight_smile:

Check out Helix from EvolveLab. They have a tool that converts files from SektchUp to Revit and vice versa. Very cool product!

Apologies, you must think I’m a dill.
I read your previous post and didn’t even think Helix might be vice versa.
Thanks so much for your help, your a gem :grinning:

IIRC, Helix is what was presented at the “Model Drop Chasm” session at 3D Basecamp, yes?

It looked cool but I understand that it is not a standalone application but consists of two interacting plugins, one for SketchUp and one for Revit.

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No problem! Some of my favorite pickles are dills!

Maybe but not currently available it seems.

the SimLab SketchUp exporter plugin for Revit might be worth a try too (trial avail.: 30 times/2 weeks).

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I need the reverse - to import Revit files into Sketchup, but there doesn’t seem to be that option?

Only Revit can read Revit files. To get a Revit file into SketchUp you have to export from Revit to an intermediary format that SketchUp can import.

for example the DWG format.

If that fail, you may want try to export to the STEP format and import to SketchUp with the SimLab STEP importer plugin for SketchUp (trial avail.: 30 times/2 weeks).

Revit can also export, for instance, IFC that can be imported. As to DWG, the last time I used it, I got better results by using the mesh option instead of solids, but both SketchUp and Revit may have improved since.
But the long and short of it is that without access to Revit, getting anything from .rvt or .rfa files into SketchUp or any other application is impossible.

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