Revit file to sketchup export if don't have Revit

Can I export revit file to shetchup if I don’t have revit on my computer?



no you can’t

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I think you mean import…

There seems to be a converter.

Nope. It requires Revit. Autodesk has managed to keep the Revit file formats proprietary.

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There is a native viewer option in Trimble Connect for Windows (in beta, still)

No add-ons needed in Revit.

It probably converts to trimbim, the propriety file format of Trimble.

We need to have Trimbim import possibilities, too…

But you do still need Revit?

Not intentionally:

but who knows what that means:)

Hi @Lo_rena @paul.millet @tweenulzeven check out our beta program of Revit for SketchUp Importer. More info can be found in this post. You can import a native Revit file to SketchUp without having Revit installed in your machine! Its a cool and simple tool but potentially super valuable. Sign up for the beta program here and try out it for free!
Product Manager at SketchUp


I’ve been testing it and can say it works pretty well.

that is very good news ! thanks