Revit to Sketchup using Speckle (You don't need a Studio License)

As a Sketchup user, I’m extremely disappointed with the two main “features” of the new Sketchup 2023 upgrade - the Revit Converter and Flip command. The Revit importer is only available to those with a Studio license, leaving Pro license holders unable to access it. However, there’s an open-source SPECKLE converter that allows you to import Revit files on any Sketchup version for free.
(293) Revit to Sketchup using Speckle (You don’t need a Studio License​:dollar::dollar:) - YouTube
As for the Flip command, there have been similar tools available for decades. It’s frustrating that after a year of development, Sketchup/Trimble would present us with such insignificant progress. It’s hard to understand why they couldn’t have come up with something more substantial.


What if you don’t have Revit?

I think you yourself have been telling people how it can be done with Trimble Connect :grinning:

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Speckle has a revit connector; you don’t need to have revit installed on your computer. I’ve just asked a collaborator to send the model from his Revit to Speckle, and I receive it in sketchup directly from speckle server. No need for Revit on my side!:slight_smile: