ON PAUSE -Testers wanted for a Revit to SketchUp Converter Beta Program

The beta program is now on pause since we have now launched the Revit Importer in the SketchUp 2023 update on the 16th of Feb. We will reopen the program in a couple of weeks’ time. To use the Revit Importer, you can purchase a Studio subscription or sign up for a trial

Many SketchUp customers are using SketchUp alongside other BIM and CAD software. Over time we have received multiple requests for improving the interoperability workflows between SketchUp and these other tools, especially Revit, so that transitioning from one tool to another becomes frictionless and simple.

We are pleased to announce that we now have a Revit to SketchUp converter ready for public Beta testing, and we would like you to take it out for a spin and give us your honest feedback by joining the Beta program on this page.
You can sign up for our Beta program by answering three simple questions. Once your application is approved, you will receive a welcome email from us!
Native importer 2
Before you start here are a few caveats!

  • The Revit Importer is currently Windows-only
  • The Revit Importer currently only works with SketchUp Pro 2021 and 2022. You can download any of these versions here, but this will require a login with your Trimble ID, or the creation of one if you don’t have one already
  • You will need a valid SketchUp Pro or Studio subscription or a SketchUp Trial, if you need a license please indicate in the screening survey and we will assign you an NFR
  • To test the importer, you can use any Revit (.rvt) file from Revit 2011 through Revit 2022
  • We will support Revit 2023 in the coming months
  • A Revit license or Revit installation is NOT required
  • You can test the importer with just a .rvt file. If you don’t have one you will find a sample .rvt file under the ‘Tester Resources’ section of the Beta program page.

We look forward to connecting with you in the Beta program!

Olivia (Product Manager)


Absolutely great news :ok_hand:

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Hey thanks for your support, James! I have approved your applicant and now you can access and test out the converter! Look forward to your feedback!

This is awesome. So sick of Revit that’s forcing you to upgrade every year because it’s not backward compatible.

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SketchUp is more open and easier to work with in this way. Have you signed up for the beta program?

Is this still open for testers, would like to integrate in my workflow

Hi Darren,

Yes, this is still open.
Have you tried the sign up link on the Beta Program page?

Let us know if you have any issues

Looking forward to your feedback.


Hi AK,

I have tried to summit via the link but it appears to be doing nothing.
Has it come through at your end?


Hi AK,

I have now registered


HI Darren,

I just approved the request. You should be good to go now.


I would love to Beta Revit/SketchUp.
I am currently working on a project with a structural engineer who only uses Revit and I only use SU. I’ve had to purchase a subscription to AutoCAD WEB so we can work together. We are both converting things to dwg in order to work together.

I have applied to be in the beta group and hope to hear from you.

The 2D CAD viewer in Trimble Connect has basic editing functionality with a subscription…


I was accepted into the beta program and have the Early Engagement page open for this converter but it says “the page you are attempting to access is unavailble” up top, despite it saying I’m in “In Test” for the interoperability test.

Is this still going on? Not sure how to actually try it out.

Did you apply to the program ? What’s your email address ? I will check and see what’s going on.


I have applied yesterday to the Beta program,
but nothing happened…
I didn’t get anything…
Is it still going on?
My email is
I will appreciate applying to the program

This is the text that I get when trying to get inside:
“Thank you for applying for the Revit to SketchUp Converter Beta project! We’re reviewing your application and user profile and will be reaching out soon with next steps!
Best Regards,
The Revit to SketchUp Converter Beta Team”

I don’ think anyone was there to see your application on a Sunday.
Please remove your e-mail from your post. Spambots are roaming!