Is it possible to import or convert a Revit file to SketchUp Pro?

My one wish would be that SketchUp would make it easier to import other file formats. I have a Revit file that I would love to be able to import into my SketchUp model to save me time having to recreate it. I know it is possible to export from Revit or AutoCAD, but I do not have access to those programs. Any advice?

Hi Ziggy,
Are you working with an architect or have you just come across an archived RVT file?
If working with a consultant using Revit - can you ask them to export their 3D view via IFC or dwg?

It is an as-built drawing that my client commissioned a few years ago for an industrial building. It would not be possible for me to contact them and ask to have it converted.

Ah, that is unfortunate. Hopefully, the industrial building is simple enough to quickly recreate.
There are extensions out there, but they require Revit to export correctly.

My suggestion then would be to upload that RVT model to Trimble Connect.
You can view and take measurements from the Revit model within Trimble Connect, but you will need to recreate the design in SketchUp.

There is a converter being trialled by the SU Team as I was approached to test it. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on the Mac platform. Ironic when most of the SU Team actually use Macs themselves (but most of their clientele don’t, of course).

Probably it is because Revit doesn’t work on the Mac either.


Not sure that’s it. After all, once converted, it doesn’t matter what the original file format was.

The way these things seem to go is that software is mostly designed for PCs to begin with because the market share is so large. Later, it might be extended to Mac. But posts here by people who know much more than me say that keeping things up to date with Macs is a bit of a nightmare because Apple keep moving the goalposts.

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The emergence of translators etc. that work with Revit files indicates that Autodesk might have opened their door slightly to admit such things. They might rely on some kind of SDK that probably is only available for the PC.

How big is the file and do you have a place I can upload it? If you do I can probably convert it for you.

That would be awesome. 306.6 MB There is also an AutoCAD 3D model that might be that same info.It is 266 MB. I would love to have whichever is easier to convert and is an actual 3D model of the building.

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Well you can use the DWG file but I am converting the rvt as I type to see what it is. We’ll see what comes from it.

Good news, the dwg file seems to be a good export of the Revit file. I think you are safe to use it. It does NEED a lot of cleaning up in a dwg editor. Good luck

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Here is a dwg of one of the sheets. Do you need those?
2019010-AVI - Floor Plan - 01 PARKING- GRADE-.dwg (420.5 KB)

All of the sheets as DWGs. (995.6 KB)

I am so grateful for all the help! Now I will have a complete model. I also appreciate converting the plans. I had previously traced them but am happy to have a more accurate version.

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SU 2022 can import a Revit File directly

How happy you must feel that your one and only wish was granted :slight_smile:

Really? Can you show us how you import a .rvt file?

I have never been able to import dwgs or rvt files successfully. I’m on a Mac so maybe that is part of the problem. I recently switched to a newer Mac that I could upgrade with the latest operating system. But I have the same problems. If I want to import dwgs, I use the SketchUp browser version. But as I said, rvt has never worked for me. But this is another topic that I have actually discussed at length before and am resigned to for now.

Indeed! I am so grateful for this forum. You all are awesome!