Import Revit file to Sketchup

Hello all,
I am doing a renovation project. My architect has modelled the property on Revit.
I don’t have Revit myself so I want to import that Revit model into Sketchup so I can play around with various layout designs.

My architect has sent me the Revit model in three different formats .rvt .dwg and .dxt.
I can import all three file formats into (sketchup pro trial version) however all three file formats seemingly import the model as a single monolithic block such that I cannot select individual layers/groups/component, etc. Only a single component is listed in the entry list menu.

Does anyone know what the issue may be? Does the Revit file need to be prepared prior to export or is there some step I need to take in Sketchup to make it work?

Really would appreciate any pointer that can be offered!

It seems to come in as a component.
What happens if you double click on the model? That opens the component for editing, and you should be able to select parts.
You can also look in the outlined to see how the model is organised…


Quite apart from the practical issue that you ask about, there is an ethical one: “your” architect probably doesn’t want his/her client messing with the model !
As a “pesky” architect myself, I know that we only ever give a client an ifc format model to play with as there are a whole bunch of intellectual property and professional responsibility issues involved.
I suggest you contact “your” architect and talk directly about the issue.

Flagging this as “inappropriate” is simply proof that you do not understand that I’m simply defending a profession.
Possibly in your country the rules on intellectual property and professional responsibility are different, but certainly here in France they are quite strict and that was the point that I was making.
& again, if the architect that you work with has no problem with you modifying their model, all fine and dandy…

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I’m sorry but that comment is entirely unhelpful and uncalled for.
You have no idea about the relationship between my architect and I, and there is no ethical issue or debate on one.
If you cant or dont want to help with advise, that’s fine. You can save the opinion piece for your “pesky” clients god help you.


For a Revit file, you should also see some tags:

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OK update.
I re-imported the file and I can now seemingly select individual components! Not sure why it is working but it is! Thanks all for the helpful comments!

@paddyclown I humbly request your forgiveness for the immoral butchery that I will undoubtably commit upon the Revit Model.


Seemingly? Or you can or not!

As a rule, I do not provide the client with native files because:

  1. I don’t want to play a puzzle like “find 20 details that differ between two drawings” The customer will send you the “improved” project out of laziness and I’m supposed to look for what he changed,
  2. Sometimes it can happen that a client is “missing”…

You’re right anyway: it’s going to be a butchery, If you don’t know how to edit a component, your “changes” in the project can be called that


Yes seemingly.
Seemingly because I’m a novice sketchup user. That’s why I started this post, furthermore that’s why I started it in the General Sketchup forum and not the Pro Forum.

And I couldn’t give tuppence what your “rules” are towards your clients, why on earth are you bothering to tell me?


Knock yourself out. If “your” architect is ok with that, all well and good…

Model comparison in Trimble Connect is now available for other fileformats than IFC and Tekla:


ooh handy.
I’ll check that out later

Good to know!! Thanks

@MikeWayzovski have you forgotten that Trimble has deprived a large part of its users of the service, or maybe I’m wrong?

@paddyclown Can you explain why when replying to me you keep putting “inverted commas” around the word your?

@Sturnus not forgotten, in fact I was one of the initiators😀
(Back then, I did not work for Trimble, was a paying user of SketchUp from @ last and was worried about the plans to release a free version)

Anyhow, the functionality I was referring to is in the desktop app, which can be downloaded for free if you have a Trimble ID, even with a free plan.

(This might need it’s own thread)

Does it work on Mac?

@MikeWayzovski We don’t understand each other. Recent changes related to “security” as Trimble calls it, have resulted in users of perpetual licenses being deprived of access to 3D WHm, geolocation, reporting and Trimble Connect also does not work

Could it be that this time you imported the file into completely empty modeling space: SketchUp skips wrapping the imported model in a component definition. (you can instantly select individual groups and components)
Whareas in your first attempt there could have been some geometry (scale figure or even a single edge), making SketchUp wrap the import into its own component definition. (all subgroups and subcomponents are nested). Exploding this overall component makes it similar to the case above, except for the already existing geometry.


I find it helps to right click and ungroup, then keep doing it. It will get you down to the level you want. But what it does do is it triangulates a lot of the flat surfaces with hidden geometry which is a pain but there are cleanup tools available that work very well in removing these.
Once you ungroup items, move them to one side, ungroup to completely brake them down and then regroup in whatever element you need and slide them back into the model. Doing this stops the shimmering of surfaces when they react with others.