Exporting Revit to SketchUp (Components)

Hey. My company resently started working in Revit. We use Sketchup 2016 and Vray for sketchup to render with. So we are drawing the model in revit and exporting it in to a 3d-dwg file, and import it into Sketchup. The problem is… That when it is imported into Sketchup, its not in components. The windows is! But all the walls and other stuff is not, so… is there a way to create wall groups/components in revit to export to sketchup so when i import it into Sketchup it is i components?

SketchUp Online User Guide

Thanks for the quick reply! Usefull data. But im still asking if you can make a wall in revit to at block or group or annything else? So, when i import the model to sketchup, the walls and ground are in a component?

Okay. Thanks.

Sorry if my reply is not on the track. I also can’t export Revit walls directly to Sketchup components, via dwg format. But all the walls, slabs (system families) are on their layers. I have to select them by layer and turn into groups.

I’m not sure what you mean “other stuff”. If series of Revit objects are instances then they will be Dwg/Blocks and will be Skp/Components.

You have just saved my day! Thanks.

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I haven’t tried this for a while. When i last did, basically the problem with Revit to AutoCad exports was that all parts were transformed into unique blocks so to apply SketchUp materials I had to either explode everything or open each of the resulting zillion components individually. Nowadays I might prefer IFC as the intermediate format but the result is probably similar.


Okay, thanks. Does IFC the same job as DWG?

Well, in principle they are almost completely different, as IFC is a format used to exchange information between different BIM applications. In this case it ought to do the same job, but the structure of the imported model would probably be somewhat different.


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