Export from revit to sketchup, component wall is partly missing


so i am trying to export from revit to sketchup to make a stl file for 3d printing.

(student version hasnt have the option to do it from revit)

i go to 3d view, hide what i dont need to be export, export it to autocad 2013 dwg, open sketchup and importing the dwg file that i exported, and my component walls that i created has not show up as solid wall.

(the component wall is curved and in different angels - not 90 degrees to the ground.

i am not sure if the problem is in revit or the sketchup isnt understand the wall well.

thanks for helping

Did you export as solid geometry or mesh? Some Revit-exported solid geometry objects have difficulties importing into SketchUp.

where do i check about that?

I don’t have Revit on my home computer. I seem to remember that the export to cad formats menu had a button for the options, or then the selection is in the dialog that opens when you start exporting to DWG.

So i exported it in polymash format and it doesnt work and i tried the ACIS option and it work


Check this app, also: