Exporting a Revit model to SketchUp for rendering



Hello everyone, so recently I created a tutorial for exporting a Revit model to DWG and then import it into Sketchup so I can finally render it with Vray. Usually I can just export the model as a whole but I thought it’d be cleaner to export it by category. This actually helped speed up the applying-material-process. I did this while in school and it helped my classmates, I finally got around to make a tutorial for it so I thought I’d share it. Hope someone find it useful. If anyone has a better way to transfer Revit model to Sketchup, please let me know!

Exporting Revit to SketchUp (Components)

This video was very good. I’m not a Revit user but watching carefully it made process clear. Thanks for posting it.


Thanks for sharing. hot key was a very efficient way to select things, I used to right click mouse and select ‘select the similar’; after your video, I tried ‘SA’, oohh, very satisfiying. thanks again.