Exporting a Revit model to SketchUp for rendering



Hello everyone, so recently I created a tutorial for exporting a Revit model to DWG and then import it into Sketchup so I can finally render it with Vray. Usually I can just export the model as a whole but I thought it’d be cleaner to export it by category. This actually helped speed up the applying-material-process. I did this while in school and it helped my classmates, I finally got around to make a tutorial for it so I thought I’d share it. Hope someone find it useful. If anyone has a better way to transfer Revit model to Sketchup, please let me know!

Exporting Revit to SketchUp (Components)
Estimated large Revit import time into sketchup

This video was very good. I’m not a Revit user but watching carefully it made process clear. Thanks for posting it.


Thanks for sharing. hot key was a very efficient way to select things, I used to right click mouse and select ‘select the similar’; after your video, I tried ‘SA’, oohh, very satisfiying. thanks again.


@thegentleminh, thank you so much for the fantastic tut. I had a 250mb Revit model to import. Followed your tut step-by-step. What a success and relief. My first import attempt during the week took up to 12 hrs and I eventually cancelled the process, This method is clever, short, and quick. Genius rather.

I joined the forum 3 days ago in pure desperation, and after many suggestions and tries to import the model, Thanx to @john_drivenupthewall he shared the link to your tut. Hence my two heroes.


God job! I have similar workflow. But I use less isolation and “Selection toys” by @thomthom.

For example if you need export windows(glass and frames), walls and some other objects, you have to define new layers for frames and glass, etc. (because by default there is same layer).

After import you can select everything by layer

Also you don’t need reference point with checked “Preserve drawing origin” during import.