Importing BIM drawings

Occasionally when I am looking for online CAD drawings from manufacturers, I encounter something like this:

The options are limited to IFC and Revit. Whenever I have tried getting either of those types into SU in the past, I have failed. Is that because there is no way (at least without an intermediate step) or is it my lack of knowledge?

The Revit file is the native file for Autodesk Revit.
You cannot import these into SketchUp Pro.

The IFC file is intended for software independent collaboration.
SketchUp Pro 2021 currently only imports IFC2x3 files.

I can’t see which IFC version is being used on the website.
You could check this in a model viewer or by opening the IFC file in notepad.

I tried downloading it but I got a Hal 9000 type response (“I’m sorry, Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”). Apparently I have to be signed up to something before I can get past the gatekeepers.

Is there a good reason why there is no converter for Revit files?

The revit file format is proprietary.

Autodesk historically hasn’t been super interested in making Revit files compatible with outside software (or even with older versions of Revit).

If there is something specific you want, you could always download a trial version of Revit and use that to download! You can then export as a DWG to import into SketchUp. With a bit of tidying up the objects usually import ok.

the file is IFC2x3 and can be imported into SU pro. you do need to sign up for a NBS account (free) if you want to use that site for objects and materials.

Frustrating, isn’t it? Every manufacturer thinks all they have to do now is provide Revit symbols and they’re done. Often the only other format is a PDF cut sheet, and I find myself importing that into PowerCADD (because it can), and people ask for SketchUp/Layout to import PDF. I don’t REALLY want to work off of PDF’s, but I do when I have no other resource. I’d really rather have a Revit symbol importer, but dream on.

Yes, but also flies in the face of the whole notion of BIM and collaboration.

Sigh. Not DWG though?

I might be wrong, but my understanding is that DWG is proprietary, but there are translators because of reverse engineering. Each time a new version comes along, it takes a while to figure it out. You would think people would try that with Revit?

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I’d wager that these people/companies pay to have the right to use dwg files in their products? Yes DWG is proprietary in as much as SKP is proprietary. Nothing stopping Trimble, except for either paying for it or wanting to push their own BIM format, from buying the right to work with RVT files. It seems that other arch/viz products are able to either import or build their own bridge to use RVT files. Twinmotion has a RVT plugin, SimLab has RVT plugins, Lumion has a RVT plugin, Enscape, etc.
Not to be cynical but it doesn’t seem to be AutoDesk stopping SU from using RVT files. Maybe RVT files just have too much data/information in them for SU. I honestly don’t know.
Doesn’t Tekla work with Revit files already? Well if any one needs a few files converted to see how they would work I can do it for them. I have the AutoDesk AEC collection so I have access to Revit if needed.

Errr…quite. Especially if some companies have given up DWG files in favour of revit ones.

Then the AutoDesk lawyers would descend down from their black helicopters :wink: :wink:

But surely they would be met by the BIM Warriors of Justice?


OK, so just to test I signed up and downloaded the IFC file. It imported OK but this is what I got:

Unless that’s a new version of the slab in 2001-A Space Odyssey, it doesn’t look to be anything useful. Certainly not much like the tile it purportedly represents!

Not looking like the industry has really got its act together on all this yet, is it?

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Share the link, I’ll take a look.

Cheers. It is: Renown - Tile - NBS National BIM Library

You do have to register with NBS but it’s free.

No, not at the model level at least. Other BIM application vendors have tried for years to supply better integration between Revit and their products, with very poor success. IFC remains the only lingua franca, and models transferred with it usually differ significantly from the native objects in the receiving application, especially in editability.

I thought I’d try again, using a different IFC file from the same resource. This time I was much more successful. Here is what I got: Door.skp (427.7 KB)

Outliner shows that it is quite a heavily nested component, but I guess it would be easy to reduce that. And it is quite editable once you get down to the raw geometry.

Trimble Tekla seems to be able to work with Revit files…