Import Revit Family (RFA) and RVT files in SketchUp with Trimble Connect

I’m looking for a working way to use libraries of other formats, this is a good way for an engineer. Since Sketchup does not support import from Revit, I thought Trimble Connect had it implemented. There is a button, the download starts, but nothing happens.
RFA Dont succes.

RVT Dont succes.

RVT and RFA files are proprietary to Autodesk. You must have Revit to open them or to export to another format.

The ‘Import for visual reference’ is not a converter of file formats, it simply uses the normal import extensions that are available for SketchUp in [menu] File > Import (actually, only .dwg/.dfx/.skp/.ifc/.ifcZIP)

If you uploaded a .rvt or .rfa in a Trimble Connect Project it’s basically treated as storage. Even the 3D viewer can’t show them.
You need to export from within Revit via Trimble’s plugin for Revit, or choose the universal IFC format.

That plugin for Revit converts native Revit files in the TrimBim format to show in the 3D viewer, but we still need an importer in SketchUp to import .trb (trimbim) files…

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Tnx. I try to go out from Autodesk software.

Thats way i know. Tnx.