Anyone know of a plugin to export Sketchup to Revit Models?

I just saw an announcement to bring Revit into Sketchup, but I need to go the other way to provide our product designs we create in Sketchup for architects to place in their Revit designs easily. We have had to hire others to rebuild our models in Revit which seems like a waste of money and energy to duplicate efforts alredayd done.

Can’t you save your model’s skp as v8 and use the native Revit import tools ?

Note these limitations / workarounds:

A company right here in Boulder, CO is working on a solution to this. Including sending SketchUp groups over as proper Revit families! Check them out here.

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I will!! Thank you!

The problem lies in the fundamentals of the applications. Sketchup is a face modeller, and Revit uses solids. Revit can display imported or linked face models, but, for instance, smoothing is lost (all edges become visible) and the user cannot edit the imported objects in any way. Groups and components that register as solids can be brought in a bit better via DWG, for instance, but they will remain facetted too. As curved things in Revit are achieved with real curves, a succesful converter would have to be able to retrofit mathematically defined solids over the face geometry.

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Thank you Anssi. Yes it is clear that this is a tough translation. It looks like EvolveLab’s solution noted above is set up for architectural items that are related to doors, windows, etc. But curvilinear free-forms it cannot handle.

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