Place the model from 3dwarehouse to revit



Hello, I try importing building models from google earth into the sketchup import. How is the model automatically to exactly place exactly after the place, after I download a model in components?


Google Earth buildings aren’t available as models to import into SketchUp. You might find models of buildings in the 3D Warehouse. It’s possible they are geo-located. If you import them into an existing model, you need to make sure the existing model is geo-located, too. Look under Window>Model Info>Location. If you don’t do that, it’s likely the building will be located at a great distance from the origin.

What does this have to do with Revit?

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hallo DaveR

thanks for your answer. I import the models of buildings from the 3Dwarehouse, but they cannt be geo-located like the video says, i muss pull them an the place.


That’s an old article and isn’t entirely correct, especially for SketchUp Make.

How did you get that image from Digital Globe into your model?


hello , that ist not Digital Globe, it’s Google Earth. I did it all form this video :slight_smile:


That’s not what is shown in your screen shots.

As I said, the information in that article is no longer entirely correct for SketchUp 2017 Make.

What does Location show in Model Info? Post a screen shot of that.

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OK. Where is the building you tried to get from the Warehouse geo-located? Open the building in a separate file and remove its location. Then you can copy it into the file with the image you show above and move it into the right location.

Again, what does this have to do with Revit?


yes, i wanna import the model from Sketchup to Revit.
and i have the another problem: how building model keeps bild an the facade, wenn the model ist imporiert to Revit.

thank you!!!


I’m sorry but I don’t understand most of that. Before worrying about Revit, you should deal with the model from the 3D Warehouse. Once you get it in place over the location image you’ll have to deal with the export operation. I expect you are going to need to be using SketchUp Pro for this, not Make.


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