3d buildings in GE not showing


Hi there
Hope some one can help me please.
How to I get the buildings in google earth to show as 3d when I use geo location on sketch up. i go through the advised procedure ie add location -type location - select area- grab.
My model shows up but the existing GE buildings are flat, see below

Any advice please


Currently you cannot get buildings to import from GE. Open Street Map data is available through certain extensions. Also, you cannot publish to GE any longer.


You can try searching for ‘Nearby models’ in your components window. This searches 3D Warehouse for other models that have been geolocated and are close to your coordinates. This doesn’t work well for rural areas but see here in Los Angeles there are many models to ‘grab’ and drop in place.

Second way is to do what @Julian_Smith said and import some open source buildings. they are typically just square boxes but that may be better than nothing. See earlier post for more details:Importing Buildings FROM Google Earth, into SketchUp