Aligning Off-Axis Objects in SketchUp

I imported a dwg file. The component came in skewed from the world coordinate system axes. I did use the Axes tool and realigned the component axes to match the WCS. I also tried the move tool, still could not get inference locking. And when I try to use the rotate tool to realign, there is no inference locking. Also, set Style-Edit-Color By Axis. Hard to explain, maybe the gif will help. Thanks.

i think if it is a group you should use the axes outside the group
and it should work in rotation
if you want send the file and make it for you

That’s the component? just draw it again.

But to realign. I would click on the component and “change axes” in the contextual menu. Use the component edges to reset the axes. Then bring the component in again from the component browser.


With Move and Rotate tools

with JHS PowerBar > Align Tool (D. Bur)


This was a proxy to simplify the problem understanding. The dwg was large and complex, and had many (>6) non-planar faces.

@mihai.s suggestions were correct. Using move and rotate to fix one planar surface, then move on the next and so on. The extension he identified quickly solves these types of problems, but I wanted to use native tools and develop a workflow.

Thanks to all.

I see. Glad you got it. My (second) idea is easier. And it corrects the axes within the component at the same time.


I tried your method on another model. It looked like the better solution. After the axes reset, it looked good. On closer examination, the y and z planes are not equal. Did I do something wrong?

  1. Original component (off-axis x-y-z) - image 1
  2. Click the component, change axes
  3. Reset axes - image 2
  4. Delete component
  5. Drag in from components window - image 3

that model has a lot of angles. You have to pick the edges that are easiest to align in the method.
Hard to say why it didn’t line up.

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You are correct. Changed the axes origin, resulted in perfect alignment. Just have to be careful with the axes placement. Added the technique to my workflow. Thanks Again.

If you are using that component in assemblies, you might try placing the axis so that it relates to the corner of the wood member it’s connecting. Then when you insert it, it’s easy to place. Clearly ti won’t fit every condition, but at least this connector is usually vertical and might only need rotation around the blue axis after insertion.

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This component was a learning exercise and I purposely skewed it’s axes. I do use Simpson hardware frequently, but only the low-poly versions. But your suggestion applies regardless. Learning new ideas daily. Thanks again.