Help Sketchup Axes

Hey does anyone know how to align a dwg view in sketchup on the axes, so that it is upright?

Select it and use the Rotate tool.

Ive tryed it but I dont ger the Right Point.

Upload the file so we can see what you’ve got.

Sorry but the file is to big …
can you maybe help me in zoom or can I send it you via email?

Upload the file to Drop Box or Google Drive and share the link.

Thank you

You have to make it accessible. Currently you have it locked.


OK. So first explode the huge angled component…

…and the component inside of that.

Then you should be able to select the geometry of the building facade and rotate it to stand up. Use the bottom edge of the facade as the axis of rotation click and hold as you drag along the edge to get the rotation tool aligned correctly.

It would help if you’d turn off shadows and you should fix the blue reversed faces in your 3D structures. Don’t apply textures to your model until the geometry is all correct.

Make sure you are using tags correctly. All edges and faces should be untagged. Only groups and components should have tags. Here I’ve fixed that.
Screenshot - 6_28_2021 , 8_18_11 AM

And purge unused stuff from your model once in awhile. This reduced the file size by more than 62%.
Screenshot - 6_28_2021 , 8_17_19 AM
Entwerfen_ VIS SKETCHUP purged.skp (9.6 MB)

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Thank you really much!!! I just started to work with sketchup, but it was a great help!