I've messed up a rotation, is there an easy fix?


Hi guys,

I’ve been a bit dumb and used the rotation tool in a way I don’t think it should have been used. I have now created multiple lines over eachother and tiny gaps are appearing in my model. I’ve attached a screenshot for you to see visually what I’ve done. I can go and correct each part of this model manually but it will take me a long time. Is there a way you can get sketchup to automatically merge duplicate lines and connect things correctly automatically? I hope this post is clear enough for you guys to understand what I’ve done wrong!




Personally I think that you would be better grouping all of that, then tracing over one bit that will be duplicated, making it a component, then array it around the circle.


If i assume correctly, you made a circle (let’s say with 24 segments) and rotated from center. Because sketchup circles are not a true circle, where the segments ended up were not in line with each other. so they’re not really overlapping. (If they were perfectly overlapped, they would merge).

I’d say do @gadget2020’s suggest to go back, group one piece (and make into a component) and array it around. I don’t see a quick easy solution to this.


Quantj all of your post makes sense but you shouldn’t group one piece but, instead, turn it into a component as gadget2020 suggested.


right, i meant component, i had meant not all stray lines.