Move tool wants to rotate


Is there any way to disable the Move tool wanting to rotate? It is so frustrating to want to move a group and the protractor pops up to rotate. If I want to rotate, I’ll use the rotate tool.

Any ideas?


There’s no setting for disabling that option. Keep the cursor away from the rotate handles and the group won’t rotate. It just takes a little practice.


I notice that some copies of the group (like a copy of a girt) don’t cause the protractor to appear. Why is the move tool playing as double agent as a rotate tool?


If it’s a single group or component and you place the cursor in the right spot, it’ll trigger the option to rotate.

It’s extremely handy when you want to rotate a component or group about its center. Much easier than finding the center with the Rotate tool. As I said, a little practice is all it takes. It’s kind of like learning to hit the nail and not your thumb.

By the way, if you have more than one girt on your shed, you should have made it a component instead of a group.


I have looked into components but it appears that any variation in the object will change all the others in the component batch. Most times I keep everything as groups just in case I need to edit one differently.


Whatever. I think you’ll find it results in you working harder than you need to. If you need to change one or only a few instances of a component after you’ve made them, there’s always Make Unique.


That’s what Right click > Make Unique is for.

Regarding the original question it cannot be turned off, as Dave says. However if you change your camera position (hold down middle mouse button and move the mouse to orbit) it may be easier to find the point you want to select. Zooming in can be very helpful too. In general it’s useful to move the camera around a lot when modeling in SketchUp.


Not too long ago there was a lively discussion about this feature of the move tool. Some people rely heavily on it and would feel crippled without it. Others rarely use it and find it to be clutter. No consensus was reached, so who knows whether Trimble will do anything…


I think it’s a magnificent feature, allowing you to rotate groups and components to align them with any current drawing axes or to a known (degree input) angle between local axes and drawing axes. Any time.
One only has to know that this feature is hiding in an unexpected location, the ‘Move’ tool.


This may be worth a watch. Relative move. Its a good series of tutorials for all sorts.


Hello Adam…
As long as the component or group is selected…
you can move your mouse away from it…
select the Move tool (shortcut M on keyboard)…
left click the mouse at any point in the model…
and move from there.

The Arrow keys will use the axis to move along:
Red axis is Right arrow…
Green axis is Left arrow…
and Blue axis is Up/Down.
The arrow keys acts as toggle switches:
for each press it turns selection on / off.

PPS: I grab a component or group by a corner…
to ensure/check the move plane.

Scooter links to a brilliant video…
that shows the many possible ways…
to use the Move tool.

Fredosix has a useful plugin: Move along…

Hope your workflow gets upgraded…Jakob.


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