Help! The rotation crosshairs Move Tool has disappeared!

When I select the Move Tool, the red crosshairs that shows up on an object, and makes it possible to rotate the object don’t show anymore!

Rotating objects using the crosshairs is just so quick and convenient, I’m desperate to get them back!

I use SketchUp for Web, and I’ve tried to find out if I’ve inadvertently pushed some shortcut to switch this function off, but I haven’t been able to find anything indicating that.

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There was a change in the web versions and there’s now an option to disable the Rotate feature of the Move tool. you can turn it on again in the App Settings.

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Thank you kindly, DaveR! I love that tool, and I was getting a bit desperate… You really saved the day and days to come in SketchUp for me! Thank you VERY much! :+1:


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