Lost Crosshairs!

Hi, I have for some reason lost the crosshairs function. I have them turned on in system pref but they are not displaying. Any Ideas please!

The cross hairs are only displayed when you invoke the move tool. You are sure they are turned on in system preferences and are not seen when you are using the move tool? I guess it could be a graphics card issue, but Sketchup on the NVIDIA cards on Mac is usually solid. Did you update to OS Catalina? Sketchup18 is not supported in Catalina.

The setting is in [menu]SketchUp->Preferences->General

Thanks… I was having a blonde moment! Crosshairs turned on in system pref. Must have been a glitch as I shut down, fired up again and started a fresh model and they have re appeared. Thanks for your replys

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They also appear when invoking the tape tool, and you can use them to check alignments—without moving or creating guides, either.