Crosshairs do not show on surface in top view

I’m looking for a possible solution for what’s a bug in my opinion.
I have set that crosshairs are displayed, I draw everything in millimeters, and I use the guide lines all the time.
However, the crosshair lines very often do not show on the surface when in top view. In perspective or parallel view they are visble all the time. Some flipping around of the drawing and then back to top view sometimes helps, mostly it doesn’t.
I saw this behaviour also in the 2022 and 2023 versions, so it’s not a 2024 thing.
Can anybody give me a clue about how to fix this?
I am, by the way, very happy with 2024, it works really nice on my mac Studio M1 max.

Does it work better if you set the camera to Perspective?

Hi Dave. Yes, it only does not work in parallel. And parallel is the view I always work with.

SketchUp is really designed to be used with the camera set to Perspective and the graphics are optiimized for that. Parallel Projection is meant for output.

well uh… I don’t use crosshair, but I just tried, on a mac, SU24.0.1 in parallel and they work.

do you have the latest update ? from the file’s name I’d say you don’t, but can’t be sure.
are you still on ventura ? you have an M1 and an M2 in your profile, on which machine does it not work ?

To be honest, your vid doesn’t seem to show that you have axes/crosshairs on at all.
It is showing guides being created below a face, easily done, but not Crosshairs.

Hi ateliernab. I’m still on Ventura, I see too many problems yet with 24 and Sonoma.
I work on the Studio, M1. Sketchup version 24.0.483. But it happened also on Sketchup 23 and 22.

Hi Box. The crosslines disappear behind the volume. You can see them on the left, right, under and above the volume. They seem to disappear behind the volume, while I start the measure on the top face of the volume.

and crosshairs are different things. I know this may be a lost in translation issue, but it is significant.

Your question is really about guides not crosshairs, which you have in your thread title.

They seem to be on alright. And in some part they act weird, disappearing.
@roelatmac, I can only get them to disappear when appying a tool forced (constrained) on a plane below some other face. Not like what happpens in your video at the beginning.

No it really is about crosslines. When you look at the video in full screen you can see them.

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They only act like that in the top view, which I use a lot. By the way the offset tool often does the same. It’s as if the surface is a little bit higher than the edges :smile:
When you turn the drawing a very little bit out of top view the crosslines appear again…

@roelatmac, ah! I see what happens. In topview you start from a lower edge without noticing it. So the crosshairs are below the top face. The crosshairs do work as expected.

Not to put too fine a point on it, these are crosshairs.
GIF 23-05-2024 2-32-05 AM

Look again @Box, they are in the first video, attached to the ‘Tape Measure’ tool.

Look again, crosshairs are the active axes attached to the cursor, not guidelines on whichever axis.

The measuring really starts on the top edge:

You may actually have some issues with using/setting guides but that isn’t Crosshairs. Could be a language issue but in a thread title it can mean a lot.
It would help to see your model so someone can look at it and give a specific answer. From your vid we can only guess.

Hi Box. Here a video that shows the crosshairs better. They disappear behind the volume in top view.

Ok, if your crosshairs are so fine I’ll back quietly away. Seems a curly issue.

But I would still say.